Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cash Compensation as Performance Motivator | Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle
Performance incentives are an exceptional way to promote friendly competition between employees, says Mark Zokle. In light of recent revelations at Wells Fargo, however, the sales and management expert discusses a more appropriate way to reward employees for a job well done.

Q: Why did Wells Fargo’s incentive program motivate greater than 5,000 employees to open fraudulent accounts?

Mark Zokle: Wells Fargo then-CEO John Stumph set unrealistic goals for his lowest paid employees barely making enough base salary to feed their families. In this case, employees were pressured to open eight new accounts each day – and those who fell short were forced to work on their days off. Stumph was informed of the problem more than a decade ago, when he first took office. His failure to proactively adjust company policies directly led to his downfall.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mark Zokle Lists Top Three Email Trends for Sales Success

Mark Zokle
Love it or hate it, email is one of the most important communication methods in today’s business environment. In the following post, Mark Zokle lists the top three ways to transform this basic technology into a powerful sales and marketing tool.

1. Understand the blurry line between sales and marketing and make them work together.

According to Mark Zokle, sales and marketing used to be two completely different ideas. Marketing was responsible for sending dazzling emails in the hopes of turning a cold buyer into a hot new customer. Sales was relegated to taking these warm leads and running through a series of procedures to get them qualified. Today, however, sales and marketing can work together to send emails that both capture attention and streamline the buying process.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mark Zokle: Stop Self-Indulgent Sales

Mark Zokle
Communication is vital in sales but how it’s executed plays a huge part in your success. Here, Mark Zokle shares a few words of wisdom on getting to know clients better and how to engage without sounding overbearing.

Q: Why is it so hard to get clients to return my emails and phone calls?

Mark Zokle: Sales and marketing messages typically have about a 2% response rate, but a lot of that has to do with presentation. Correspondences that are more about the product or service being sold often come across as little more than a sales pitch. But when an email focuses on non-promotional materials, the response rate jumps to 40%.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mark Zokle | Sales a Human Job

Mark Zokle
Each day, countless workers are replaced by machinery and automated processes. While this may offer a level of efficiency that humankind can never match, it is these very humans that will be vital to the future of sales. BCI Acrylic, Inc. National Sales Manager Mark Zokle explains why machines will never be closers.

Q: How has technology changed the face of the workforce in the United States?

Mark Zokle: Today’s technology is capable of doing things never before thought possible. For example, some auto manufacturers are rolling out self-driving cars for the 2017 model year. Manufacturing facilities use robots for menial tasks and computer programs automatically manage many companies’ financial transactions, employee records, and even perform other clerical duties.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mark Zokle | How to Run Your Business from Anywhere

Mark Zokle
Do you have what it takes to manage your business operations, staff, and profits from the comfort of your own home? Mark Zokle says you do… if you have the right mindset and tools. Here, the legendary sales trainer explains how.

Pick the right staff

Mark Zokle explains that no business can operate effectively with an untrained staff. It is doubly more difficult when you factor in the lack of a team environment where your team can support one another. According to Mark Zokle, remote workers must be self-disciplined and understand that their working hours at home are no different than in an office. You must expect their full attention when it’s required, underscores Mark Zokle. If you’re serious about success, find managers who have as much – or more – experience than you and oversee training of your new employees yourself.

Emphasize accountability

Accountability is essential in managing a business from afar. Mark Zokle suggests scheduling weekly meetings to discuss any recent issues that have arisen or offer praise for exceptional work. Some industries may benefit from daily “stand up” meetings, which are less formal but help set the tone for the day. Mark Zokle notes that following up with your employees once a month doesn’t accomplish much. Regular meetings allow you to put in place an immediate correction plan when needed. Tracking employee performance isn’t easy when you’re remote but Mark Zokle says it’s imperative.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Mark Zokle Explains Importance of Proactive Recruiting in Sales

Mark Zokle
Every company needs a competent sales staff. However, many tend to look at recruitment reactively, points out Mark Zokle. According to Zokle, it’s not productive to fill empty positions when they come available. Here, Zokle explains how to recruit effectively.

Don’t stop recruiting

According to Mark Zokle, your sales managers should always be recruiting. This can be posting to job boards, conducting on-site interviews, or hitting the streets. Don’t overlook job fairs, shopping malls, and other public places where your next sales superstar could be hiding in plain sight.

Stock up on business cards

Business cards are an extremely affordable way to get your contact information to potential employees, says Mark Zokle. His goal is to pass out at least 50 business cards every week.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Mark Zokle Explains Why Businesses Fail

Mark Zokle
Businesses fail for one main reason, says Mark Zokle – the failure to plan. In a market ripe with competition (in all industries), foregoing the forecasting stage spells disaster. In this succinct narrative, Mark Zokle outlines five strategic moves that can’t be overlooked.

Prepare data and understand motivations.

According to Mark Zokle, the preparation phase of any strategic planning initiative is the most important. This is when key business motivations should be clearly identified, defined, and understood by company leaders.

Evaluate goals.

Once goals are outlined, they must be assessed to ensure they are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timeline-oriented. In other words, don’t set goals that cannot be measured once achieved, says Mark Zokle.