Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mark Zokle Outlines Top 4 Ways to Motivate and Manage Sales Teams

Mark Zokle
Mark Zokle is a marketing and sales expert with over twenty successful years under his belt. He’s spoken at training seminars across the country and has helped boost the careers of thousands of sales professionals. Zokle says these four tips are a good foundation on which to build a motivated workforce.

1. Lead by example.

It should be a no-brainer, but too many sales managers forget that they are the role model upon which their team members will base their actions, says Mark Zokle.

2. Build and encourage good work relationships.

Mark Zokle acknowledges that sales professionals – even those working together as a team – tend to compete with one another. A good sales manager understands that socialization goes a long way toward boosting a positive and collaborative environment. This could be something as simple as a quick drink after hours or in an-office lunch during an informal, relaxed meeting.

3. Customize motivators and rewards.

There’s no denying that money is the initial goal in any sales professional’s career. However, according to Mark Zokle, there are other motivators that tend to encourage better performance. It’s okay to tailor these to specific teams or even individuals. This could be rewarding high sales numbers with new leads/territories, paid time off to attend a company-sponsored certification program, or bonuses. Keep in mind that what works with one person may not work with another; so when in doubt, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask each person what he or she prizes the most.

4. Allow and encourage independence.

Salespeople who have been in the business for any length of time probably won’t feel comfortable having a sales manager telling them how to make the sale. They already know how to do that or they likely would have moved on to a new career. Mark Zokle says well-performing team members should be granted some autonomy in order to what they do best. Goals, however, should be clear and rewards for meeting them meaningful.