Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mark Zokle on Smart Sales

Mark Zokle
There are hundreds of different sales tactics but few are as effective as the IQ close, according to marketing expert Mark Zokle. Here, Zokle shares answers to a few common questions about the IQ Close.

Q: How can I implement an IQ closing tactic without making my buyer feel intimidated or unintelligent?

Mark Zokle: The goal is to help your buyer understand that the sheer act of even considering the purchase makes them a just a little bit smarter than everyone else. Once they begin to feel self-confident about their decision, offer them examples of how other intelligent people have made that particular purchase.

Q: When is this strategy most effective?

Mark Zokle: In this case, it is a particularly useful way of helping people ease into purchases involving technology. Many people shy away from advanced technology purchases because they feel intimidated by something new. But you can help them overcome fears and misgivings by explaining how simple the touch screen computer is to operate or demonstrating how voice controls are more accurate and faster than before. Show them ways the new product is similar to what they are already using, and they will be less likely to object.

Q: What are some talking points I can use to illustrate that intelligent people tend to purchase a particular brand or model?

Mark Zokle: Make a point to casually drop hints about previous customers. For instance, a parent looking to purchase a new tablet for their children might be interested to hear that the last set of parents looking at that particular piece of technology purchased it for their gifted child. You can also empathize with the customer that you understand the technology is complex, but that in your brief time together you can tell they are perfectly capable of handling it.

Q: How does this closing method work?

Mark Zokle: The IQ Close works by helping your customers associate intelligence with purchase. When people believe their decisions make them look smarter they are more attracted to that purchase.