Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mark Zokle on Goal Setting

Mark Zokle
All sales professionals have one thing in common: They set goals. However, despite the intent to reach those objectives, many sales people fall short every year. Mark Zokle, a leading sales trainer with over twenty years’ experience, says there are a few slight behavior modifications that can help both novice and seasoned professionals focus on – and achieve – their goals.

The simplest change in a daily routine can make or break a salesperson, says Mark Zokle. This change is to simply ensure that making connections is the number one priority. Statistically, a salesperson must make 3,600 attempts each year in order to meet 180 prospects. Typically, only 1 in 3 of these meetings will result in a sale; that’s 60 signed deals. The idea of only closing less than 1% of contacts may be discouraging, admits Mark Zokle, but in the home improvement industry where each sale can easily be over $10,000, it becomes an impressive dollar figure.

Mark Zokle explains that reaching this goal isn’t as intimidating as it sounds and equates to just 15 calls, or about two hours, per day. He says it’s a good idea to track each attempt and measure successes based on hard data and to make a commitment to accountability. Prospect constantly and learn to move on when the sale isn’t imminent. Pushy salespeople waste more time and energy trying to convince consumers who don’t really want their services than they would spend connecting with people who do, says Mark Zokle.

The main difference between top performers and everyone else is their desire for success and how they act upon it. These sales leaders, says Mark Zokle, are the ones with detailed objectives and a clear understanding of what it takes to reach those goals.