About Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle
Everyone who knows him well agrees that Mark Zokle was born for sales. Since 1985, this home improvement industry veteran has helped companies of all different sizes learn to successfully navigate the marketplace and increase market share. Mark Zokle has trained over 10,000 sales representatives and is regarded as a legend in the arena of business-to-business sales.

A master transaction coordinator, Mark Zokle has an uncanny ability for helping companies identify and fill needs. He is adept at teaching business leaders how to cut clutter and market their products in the most succinct, honest, and attractive way. Mark Zokle has also contributed to numerous employee handbooks regarding sales, ethics, and business operations.

Mark Zokle did not embark on his career with the intention of getting into sales. His early goal was to be a part of an economy that was beneficial to everyone. It was a former employer, an East Coast manufacturer, who took notice of his natural leadership abilities and appointed Zokle as the company’s regional sales director. Though in unfamiliar territory, Mark Zokle soon realized that he had fallen in love with the challenge and was soon tasked with training the company’s new and improved sales force. Mark Zokle authored new sales strategies – still in use today – that assisted the company’s marketing managers in converting sales from just $2 million to over $65 million in annual contracts.

Mark Zokle was selected to join the team at BCI Acrylics, Inc. in 2011. As the national sales director, Mark Zokle is lauded by company leadership for his willingness to share his self-developed sales management practices with the company’s 700+ dealers and representatives. Mark Zokle has helped the company grow into new markets and add additional product lines for its customers. As a major player in the up-and-coming quick turnaround remodeling industry, BCI was a perfect match for Mark Zokle.

Bringing with him a passion unheard of in the industry, Mark Zokle looks forward to his future with BCI. He looks forward to more opportunities to help the company cultivate profits while bringing an extensive line of high quality and affordable bath and shower remodeling products to homeowners across the nation.

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