Monday, March 21, 2016

Mark Zokle Explains Importance of Proactive Recruiting in Sales

Mark Zokle
Every company needs a competent sales staff. However, many tend to look at recruitment reactively, points out Mark Zokle. According to Zokle, it’s not productive to fill empty positions when they come available. Here, Zokle explains how to recruit effectively.

Don’t stop recruiting

According to Mark Zokle, your sales managers should always be recruiting. This can be posting to job boards, conducting on-site interviews, or hitting the streets. Don’t overlook job fairs, shopping malls, and other public places where your next sales superstar could be hiding in plain sight.

Stock up on business cards

Business cards are an extremely affordable way to get your contact information to potential employees, says Mark Zokle. His goal is to pass out at least 50 business cards every week.

Integrate recruiting into company culture

Proactive recruiting means embedding the practice of finding qualified salesmen and women into the company culture. Have a meeting every week to discuss new and creative ways to attract and train sales staff. Come up with a plan that clearly outlines your recruitment goals and make sure you stick to it.

Make sure recruiters know your product

One of the easiest ways to scare off potential sales team members is by getting their attention, then not being able to adequately answer their questions. Make sure everyone involved in the recruitment process knows everything there is to know about your business, products, and policies. This, insists Mark Zokle, will save valuable time having to explain these things in the middle of a job interview.

Avoid the reactive approach

Mark Zokle explains that being reactive in business is much like belting out a snide remark in the middle of an argument. You may be emotional and in need of qualified employees, but reaching out and grabbing the first bodies you can find will do more harm than good. In both cases, you’ll likely end up regretting your choices.